In Harvey's Wake
Don't Get Complacent, Get The Recovery Assurance Plan
    Over the past decade the Texas Gulf Coast has been sheltered from hurricane impacts.  With the impending arrival of possible Hurricane Harvey this weekend, everyone should be reminded that no part of the Texas coastline is immune to the destruction a storm like this can cause.  Even if Henry doesn’t make landfall at hurricane strength, the results can still be disastrous for the ill prepared property owner.             Hurricane Ike is the last storm to make landfall in Texas as a hurricane.  The residents of Galveston and Houston should certainly remember the devastation caused by this storm.  Just in case the past 9 years have allowed those bad memories to fade, let me remind you that Ike caused 29 BILLION dollars in property damage.             The Corpus Christi and Port Aransas areas have seen a much longer drought.  It’s been 40 years since a hurricane made landfall in this region of the Gulf Coast.  We have personally witnessed the “it won’t happen here” attitude among the residents of these areas.             No one can control Mother Nature though.  The idea that anyone can be immune to her forces is silly, and very dangerous.  However, you can be prepared for when the inevitable happens.  The Recovery Assurance Plan affords all property owners the peace of mind of knowing they are prepared and protected if and when disaster strikes.             No matter the ferocity that Harvey brings with him, please let his presence reinforce the fact that the Texas Gulf Coast is susceptible to devastating weather events.  Even if the winds are not hurricane force, the heavy rains and storm surge can still cause severe damage.  In many cases, flood damage can be the most destructive.  Especially to your contents.             Let the Recovery Assurance Plan help you prepare your property.  It may not happen today, tomorrow or even this year, but when it does our product will be invaluable.  We’ll be there for you after the fact too, to ensure you don’t become another insurance claim horror story.  Your best interest is our only interest! 
        It’s 2017, everyone is busy and constantly going, going, going.  Your time is precious.  We understand that, and your time is just one more thing that we strive to save you.  A property insurance claim is a multi-faceted process that can drag on for weeks and months, and that’s a good case scenario.  One of our main goals is to remove the burden of dealing with that process from your plate.             A quick overview of that process goes like this.  After a loss is suffered the claim must first be filed.  That entails a phone call to the carrier’s main office which often includes sitting on hold followed by a barrage of questions about the property and type of loss.  Following that call, if you’re lucky, a few days will pass and the actual adjuster will call to schedule a time to inspect the property.  If you’re not so lucky, he’ll want to engage in an e mail back and forth that prolongs a 2 minute conversation by hours.  Then, another week will pass and the adjuster will show up to perform his inspection.             The real waiting game starts now.  Following his inspection, the adjuster will prepare an estimate of the repairs needed.  In the best cases this estimate will be completed in 2 weeks.  Again, best cases.  Then, you, the property owner face a decision.  Do you, A – Accept the settlement offer, B – Negotiate on your own, or C – Hire someone to represent you?  If you accept, you more than likely got lowballed.  If you negotiate on your own behalf, the carrier will stand firm by throwing policy contract language at you until you give up.  If you hire representation, you might as well be starting the process over.  Another inspection will be performed by the carrier as well as one by your representation, and both parties will have to prepare estimates.  Tack on another month.             The Recovery Assurance Plan relieves you, the property owner, of all the stresses and anxiety caused by the claims handling process.  All of those phone calls and back and forth e mails, we handle.  Scheduling a time for the adjusters inspection, we handle AND meet him there.  Best of all, you have representation from the very beginning.  There is no hang up a month or two down the road when you realize you need help.  .             Our estimate is prepared before the insurance company even has time to get to the property.  Then, we stay on the adjuster with daily phone calls making sure he gets his estimate out in a timely manner instead of letting it sit on his desk for weeks.  We also have the knowledge of the repair process and policy language to properly negotiate a fair settlement.             Another thing to keep in mind, in a catastrophic loss situation such as a hurricane, you can expect this timeline to grow exponentially.  Having the Recovery Assurance Plan on your side guarantees you that someone is working hard with YOUR best interests in mind to make sure your claim gets resolved in a timely manner.  No matter what! 
The Claims Handling Waiting Game
The Recovery Assurance Plan (RAP) is a brand new product and service that came to life in January of 2016.  The RAP addresses a major concern affecting all property owners, and presents a cutting-edge approach to the manner in which insurance claims resulting from catastrophic events are handled. The RAP was founded by Darrell and Cindy Quinney.  Darrell has worked in a construction related environment all of his life.  He eventually rolled all of his knowledge of the trade into a catastrophic loss consulting operation, Loss Solutions.  For the past twenty plus years he has provided expert witness services in cases involving property damage insurance claims.  He has represented both insurance companies and trial attorneys; through that he has gained a wealth of knowledge about how both sides work. Through his work on both sides of the proverbial fence, Darrell has witnessed first-hand the flaws in the ways in which each side handles claims.  The insurance company will always follow their tried and true business plan – collect premiums and deny claims – while the trial attorneys will represent themselves as the property owner’s proponent as they take 40% of the settlement.  The RAP, a first of its kind product, is the answer to the dilemma the insurance companies and trial attorneys have created.  It’s a complete solution to ensuring the property owner is protected following a loss.  The RAP team looks at its product as 5 steps of representation: STEP 1 – IDENTIFYING THE PROPERTY Everything covered in the policy will be documented with photo or video to chronicle the current conditions.  This includes all interior and exterior finishes as well as a contents inventory including model/serial numbers where available.  A schematic drawing will also be done as dimensions of all rooms are recorded. STEP 2 – IDENTIFYING THE PROPERTY POST LOSS Following any weather event in a customer’s area, the RAP team will know about it and attempt to make contact to determine whether or not a loss was sustained.  If a loss was suffered, the RAP will send one if their staffed Public Adjusters (PA), licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance, to the property to assess the damages.  The RAP’s PA will handle all communication with carrier representatives. STEP 3 – PREPARING THE ESTIMATE The PA will prepare a line by line estimate depicting all repairs necessary to bring the property back to pre-loss condition. STEP 4 – SETTLEMENT The PA will settle the claim using the data collected in the pre-loss phase.  Upon settlement, all proceeds will be distributed to the property owner alone.  The RAP will NOT collect any percentage! STEP 5 – UPDATING After repairs have been made, a RAP team member will return to the property to update the file with new current conditions. The RAP team would love the opportunity to sit down with any and all property owners interested in the product and service they provide
What is The RAP?
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