Enjoy the comfort and peace of mind knowing that if disaster strikes, or if something as simple as a water pipe outburst occurs, you will NEVER have to deal with your insurance company again
We represent you, the policyholder, every step of the way With thorough documentation & consistent reporting of your property prior to the disaster, RAP removes any gray areas where insurance companies get their wiggle room to low ball your claim.
Our team comes to your property to fully assess the structures and take a full inventory of everything that could possibly be covered by your insurance policy.
We meticulously comb over the details of the hundreds of pages of insurance coverage minutiae to ensure that we have complete comprehension of the policy details. By doing this, your property and possessions are 100% secure for 100% of the REAL value of what you have worked so hard to own.
With the RAP, you avoid hiring an attorney, who will take up to 40% of the money you are entitled to after litigating your insurance recovery for years.
Our Recovery Assurance Plan is a one time fee, with an affordable annual update charge. We provide a full suite of services with YOUR best interest in mind and do NOT take any percentage of your claim
“On the field my Offensive Line was my protection, but here in the real world it’s the Recovery Assurance Plan that really scores.” -Dan Pastorini  | Pro Bowl Quarterback
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